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Free Youtube Alternative

If we’re talking about free streaming apps that let you play thousands of videos, then Youtube is probably the first thing that will enter your mind. But nowadays, other similar apps are popping left and right, giving you an option if you are looking for an alternative. Among those apps is Free Mp3 Video Music-Iso Tube Player. This video streaming app does not only allow you to watch thousands of videos, but also to download them. If you are looking for a new app to stream videos, this is worth checking out.

Just Like Youtube

First things first, Free Mp3 Video Music-Iso Tube Player is a third-party API sourced from Youtube, which means it will have features similar to that of the popular streaming app. In fact, all the videos you can play in this app are videos that are posted on Youtube

The app’s homepage shows you all the trending videos in your country, but you can also use the search bar to look for a particular video, channel, or playlist. The app also has its built-in video player allowing you to watch videos without switching app. However, while it shows popular videos, Free Mp3 Video Music-Iso Tube Player does not offer video recommendations. Its homepage will only show trending content and not suggestions based on your search history. 

Since Free Mp3 Video Music-Iso Tube Player is very similar to Youtube, familiarizing with it will only take a few moments. It also helps that the app comes with a clean simple interface, so you can get to streaming immediately.  

Packed with Awesome Features

Free Mp3 Video Music-Iso Tube Player may have been a copy of Youtube, but the app comes with awesome functions that can make you switch to it. For one, you can download media content straight from the app. You don’t have to install a separate downloader. Once you've found the video you like to download, you can simply click the download button below the video player. You even have the option to download just the audio if you only wish to save the track. Moreover, the download function lets you choose the quality of the video or the audio. Users must note, however, that the app only downloads MPEG-4 video format and M4A audio format.

Besides its built-in downloader, Free Mp3 Video Music-Iso Tube Player also allows you to play your video in the background. You only need to click the background button, and the video will continue playing even if you close the app. There is also the popup button that activates a floating video player. With these options, you can listen to tracks or continue watching your videos while using other apps on your phone. 

A Worthy Alternative

Overall, Free Mp3 Video Music-Iso Tube Player is a nice alternative for Youtube. While it has the same content, this app offers some better features. It also comes with a clean and straightforward interface that does not require a steep learning curve. What’s more, it’s lightweight and completely free to use


  • Free to use and lightweight
  • Can play tracks in the background
  • Comes with a floating video player
  • Built-in video and audio downloader


  • No new and exclusive content
  • Slow download speed
  • Only supports one video and audio format

Program available in other languages

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